Economics, also proverbially nicknamed ‘the dismal science‘, will often have people thinking about forecasts, recessions, and the GDP. ¬†Most of the times, people will tend to say that economics is the study of money when in reality, economics always was and always will be the study of choices. Choices that we make when grocery shopping or choices made by the Bank of England when cutting the interest rate, all fall under the scope of economics. This is why¬†understanding economics and its day to day life implications does not always require elaborate knowledge of mathematics, economic theory and statistical analysis. Most of the times, all it takes is a better look at the choices we and the people around as are making. The New Economist is here to help you better understand, identify and, ultimately, make those choices. The New Economist,

The New Economist is also a journey of discovery, both for the author, an almost journalism graduate, who is now set on a path of achieving a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics, and for you, the reader, who might be taking their first steps on the path of understanding economics. I hope that, contrary to the anecdotal wisdom, this journey, rather than dismal, becomes a joyful and enlightening experience.


Diana Gangan,

owner and editor of The New Economist.




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